Parking Lot Art Fair at Fort Mason this Saturday!

Parking Lot Art Fair

Parking Lot Art Fair

This weekend San Francisco has a ton of art fairs going on! I welcome you to come find me at most random of them all. The Parking Lot Art Fair is in the parking lot of Fort Mason, conveniently located next to Art Market San Francisco at the Fort Mason Pavillion.

Here is a little blurb about the event (excerpt from the Facebook page)

Last year, hundreds of artists gathered in a parking lot
to exhibit their projects and practices. FREE to participate and free to attend. It was a fabulous renegade happening of sorts and if you were there, you know it was a day for the books.

San Francisco has a history of attracting critical and diverse voices, and the Parking Lot Art Fair celebrates this spirit by providing artists a platform to exhibit their work to a wide audience of morning joggers, avid fair goers, and public space users. This fair will provide a space for diverse artistic practices, from tailgating performances to white cube exhibition spaces, the Parking Lot Art Fair presents a democratic platform for any and all artists of San Francisco. 

The fair is Saturday, April 30th, from 8am-3pm!

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